Lynann Derrick

Lynann Derrick is our 3s teacher. She has spent her career working with young children – teaching this age group makes her heart sing. Her vision for her classroom is one of discovery and the classroom design is always inviting. If you’re looking for learning through children’s literature, collections, and art from the world’s best artists through hands-on, sensory based learning, you’ve landed in the right place. If you peeked in her classroom you might see her baking scones with the children, having read a story about Julia Child, and asking parents sign a permission trip to visit the famous chef’s kitchen at the National Museum of American History. She sees the child as a capable individual, developing cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth on a timetable that is unique for each child. Lynann lives in Annapolis with her husband, Ed, her daughter Annabelle (12), and her son Philip (9).

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Additionally, Lynann serves as Executive Director for CNS. She spent much of her career in Washington DC working as an early childhood museum educator, trainer and teacher at the Smithsonian Institution. In the fall of 2009, Lynann and her family moved to Annapolis where she found a wonderful fit working at Colonial Nursery School. Lynann worked for a year as a lead teacher in the 3s class before becoming the Executive Director in 2010. After “retiring” in 2013, she returned to teaching at CNS in the fall of 2014 and returned to her role as Executive Director in 2015.

Lynann is dedicated to the cooperative school model and currently serves on the board of PCPI, the Parent Cooperative Preschools International. She comes to Colonial with a wide and varied skill set and broad exposure to theory and practice. Lynann holds a BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas, a PreK and Kindergarten Teaching License from the District of Columbia, and certificates in Early Childhood Education. Lynann has written and presented numerous workshops for parents, teachers and museum professionals. She is a member of the National Association of Young Children, the North American Reggio Alliance, the National Art Educators Association and the Potomac Association of Cooperative Teachers. Her commitment to best practices in early childhood education blends the theories of Reggio inspired schools with Montessori and Waldorf methods, creating a progressive play-based school environment that supports expeditionary learning.

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September 1, 2016