Blue Book

Last Updated Sept 2015
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Colonial Nursery School
P. O. Box 3054
Annapolis, MD 21403
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Colonial Nursery School wishes to extend a warm welcome to each family of our cooperative nursery school.

This handbook will help you understand your role in our program. It will help answer questions you may have concerning the operation of our cooperative and also give guidelines for your successful participation.

Colonial Nursery School is comprised of three- and four-year-old classes. These classes are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). We also have a toddler program for two-year-olds, which is approved by the MSDE Office of Child Care.

Enthusiasm and support are among the pillars of our school as we are owned and operated by our members. Colonial Nursery School is a parent participatory school, and your participation on co-op days, fulfillment of positions and responsibilities, attendance at meetings, and general enthusiasm for our school will make your experience at Colonial exciting and rewarding for your whole family.

Communication is essential; please ask questions and make suggestions at any time. It is important to read and respond to all communication from the Executive Board, Executive Director, Teachers, and other members. Being part of a cooperative means sharing the work and the fun together!


Colonial Nursery School is committed to bringing children and families together under the guidance of our Executive Director and our trained, experienced, and creative teachers and staff. We strive to promote self-confidence in our children and a sense of wonder about their world.

By introducing and developing concepts and skills through language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies, as well as art, drama, music, and free play, we provide a safe atmosphere in which the child can improve communication skills and define social boundaries.

The following comprise the philosophical foundation of Colonial Nursery School. We believe in:

  • Creativity as an essential aspect of development;
  • Activities and programs that honor and reflect the rich heritage of Annapolis and the entire Chesapeake Bay region;
  • Encouraging each child to observe and experience diversity among people and the natural world;
  • Tolerance and compassion for others;
  • Each individual’s unique abilities enabling one to learn about oneself;
  • The need to work both cooperatively and independently as the situation requires;
  • Social, emotional, and academic needs being met through freedom as a means of growth, individual expression, and imagination.


Colonial Nursery School is a cooperative, which means it is operated for and by its members. Therefore, the School asks of its members a certain amount of time and energy. In exchange for their involvement, members are rewarded with the opportunity to share in their child’s education and social development during the first critical years, and pay a lower tuition than most non-cooperative programs.

  1. Each member is expected to read this handbook including the School’s By-Laws and Standing Rules, thoroughly
  2. Each member is asked to cooperate at school according to their classroom co-op schedule to be generated by each class parent. The member is responsible for finding a replacement from within the membership should the need arise.
  3. Each member with a child or children in the three- or four-year-old programs must fill and satisfactorily perform an assigned position or office during the school year.
  4. Each member with a child or children in the toddler program has full rights to fill a position on a voluntary basis (to include participation on a committee), but is not required to do so.
  5. All members enjoy full voting privileges within the General Membership and, as such, are required to attend General Membership meetings in accordance with Paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Standing Rules.
  6. Each family is expected to contribute 10 hours of service (15 hours if two children are enrolled). A $100 service deposit is assessed as part of your annual tuition and is refunded at the end of the year as long as you participate in the required hours of service. In addition to cleaning and work opportunities, hours may also be earned by attending parent workshops, General Membership Meetings, or other opportunities designated by the President or Director.
  7. Each family must participate in one (per enrolled student) designated clean up activity/work day to receive their cleaning fee.



Please be prompt bringing your child to school and picking him/her up. Tardiness can be disruptive to the other children as well as the teachers. The CNS school day is from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00pm for the 3s and 4s classes and from 9:15-11:45am for the 2s class.; after school enrichment programs run from 11:30am to 1:30pm.


A child that is fatigued or shows symptoms of illness should be kept home. Cooperating parents, teachers, and/or the Executive Director will check children for signs of illness as they arrive. Children who have a fever and/or are exhibiting symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or conjunctivitis should remain home for 24-hours after the fever and/or other symptoms subside without medication or upon doctor’s approval. Children who are on antibiotics for an infection are required to be on those antibiotics for 24-hours before returning to school. Please inform your child’s teacher of any communicable disease immediately. Sick siblings should not be brought into school. If a sibling is sick in your family, please arrange for another parent to walk your student into school or wait with your sick child in your vehicle.


Please remember to read weekly email blasts and to check the CNS website,, for vital school information. We hope to communicate routine, time-consuming items of business this way so as to expedite communication to all of membership. Also, please check your child’s classroom folder/mailbox each day of class for vital school communications.
Please feel free to contact the Executive Director and/or Executive Board members with any questions and/or problems that may arise. Also, feel free to ask your child’s teacher to set up a conference at any time.


Field trips will be scheduled and parents informed in advance. Any parent who wishes to participate in a field trip may do so. Please make every effort to enforce school behavior standards. School identification tags or name tags will be worn during field trips at the discretion of the teacher.

  1. Each parent is responsible for the child(ren) assigned to him/her by the teacher for the duration of the trip.
  2. The teacher will have emergency contact information available for each child. A completed permission slip must be on file for all children attending a field trip.
  3. The children should walk and should keep their places in line.
  4. All children must be restrained in federally approved safety seats while in transit.
  5. The teacher will be responsible for ensuring all children return from the field trip in accordance with their permission slip.
  6. Teachers and children on walking trips in the neighborhood will limit the distance to a six block radius. Otherwise a permission slip will be needed.
  7. When a field trip is scheduled there will be no regular class or supervision of children in that class at the school on that day, unless the teacher has indicated that the class will begin or end the school session at the school.

Colonial Nursery School follows the Anne Arundel County Public School system for school closings due to snow, inclement weather or other emergencies. When the public schools are closed for the aforementioned reasons, Colonial will not hold any class sessions. If the public schools are opening one or two hours late, school will be closed and all after school activities will be cancelled. Please consult the county’s website at, as well as our website,, for the latest information regarding school closings. If CNS is closed for more than 5 total days due to inclement weather, accommodations will be made to extend the CNS school year for an additional 5 days.


In the event a teacher is absent from class, every attempt to secure a substitute will be made. A substitute may be the Executive Director, a qualified teacher, or a parent volunteer who has completed a criminal background check. If no substitute is found, class will be cancelled.


There are three to four General Membership Meetings held during the school year. These meetings are an opportunity for members to: a) participate, learn and potentially vote on items pertaining to school business and activities, b) attend Parent Education Workshops to be set up by the Executive Director and President and c) socialize with other members of the school. A cohesive membership is the key to a cooperative school’s success.


Throughout the school year CNS will hold parent education workshops on a variety of topics which could include: guest speakers, community events, and current topics on early childhood education. Members are strongly recommended to attend.


Amended May 2014

  1. There shall be no children other than those registered in the School except when approved by the Executive Board, Executive Director, President, or teacher.
  2. Prospective children and their parents may visit with the permission of the Executive Director, teacher, and/or member of the Board.
  3. An alumni child or older sibling may visit with the permission of the teacher.
  4. There shall be no more than one visitor per day, unless approved by the Executive Director. A guardian must accompany all visitors at all times.
  5. There shall be no visitors under two years old unless they are prospective members or a sibling of an existing member.
  6. Current members and re-applying alumni have priority on spaces for the forthcoming year as follows:
    • Priority 1:Current members whose children are returning to CNS
    • Priority 2:Current members desiring a slot for a younger sibling in a different session
    • Priority 3:Returning alumni desiring a slot for a younger sibling in any session
  7. As a result of serious illness, childbirth, or adoption a parent may be excused by the Executive Board from his or her participation (i.e., coop responsibilities, position responsibilities, and attendance at general membership meetings) for two (2) months. Further extension may be granted with board approval. The Room Parent must be notified of the leave.
  8. Because meeting fully as a group is typically only scheduled 3 to 4 times per year, attendance at General Membership meetings is strongly recommended.
  9. Each member shall maintain awareness of the school’s careful budgeting. Unless specifically authorized by the Executive Director and/or Executive Board, members shall draw only from those funds allocated to the committee they chair
  10. The President, at his/her discretion, may appoint a chairperson to special committees. Current position descriptions for these committees shall be maintained in school files.
  11. The roster of members is a confidential list and may not be used for any commercial solicitation or given to anyone other than school members for any purpos.
  12. Registration fees and tuition, as set by the Executive Board with the Executive Director, shall be stated in the “Annual Tuition and Registration Fee Summary.” The following standards of practice apply:
    • The non-refundable $75.00 application fee is required for new members and is due at the time of application.
    • New members accepted for the next school year must pay the last month’s non-refundable tuition payment at the time of acceptance to secure their child’s slot in the school.
    • Current members must pay the last month’s non-refundable tuition by May 1 to secure their child’s slot in the school for the following year.
    • Once a class is filled, any interested applicant may be put on waiting list maintained by Membership. When an opening occurs in a class, the applicant at the top of the waiting list for that class is informed of the opening. Upon learning of an opening, registration must be completed and any necessary tuition payments paid within five (5) business days. If the Executive Board cannot accept the new applicant, his/her registration fee shall be refunded.
    • If a family enrolls two (2) or more children at the same time, the family will be charged one registration fee. The family shall cooperate as for two (2) or more children.
    • Certain families, who volunteered for particular positions, may receive a tuition discount. See Article IV Finance of the Bylaws for details.
  13. The Health Department requires that every child have a completed health and immunization form on record. Your child’s immunization record must be completed and received before the child may enter school.
  14. All cooperating adults must have a completed pre-employment medical report, release of information form, and a criminal background check on file as well as any and all other forms required by the State of Maryland. These forms must be turned in before school begins..
  15. If a parent or child present in school contracts a communicable disease, the Health and Safety parent must be notified immediately. Thereafter, the Health and Safety parent is responsible for notifying all other parents as soon as possible. All Health and Safety information shall be kept confidential. Names of carriers will not be released.
  16. Smoking is prohibited on school property at all times.
  17. An anonymous parent evaluation of the program, school, and the Executive Director/teachers will occur annually. The President will present results to the Executive Board and Executive Director, after which the teacher evaluation will be discussed confidentially with the teacher. A formal evaluation will be written by the President and approved by the Board for inclusion in the teacher’s permanent record, and a copy distributed to the teacher. A summary of program evaluations will be shared with the General Membership, but not as it relates to specific teachers.
  18. All records, administrative and scholastic, are confidential. Following correlation of records by the Room Parents, Health and Safety Coordinator(s), Membership Coordinator(s), and Executive Director, exclusive access to these records is afforded the student’s teacher and/or President of the Board. Anyone may request special handling of his/her confidential records by submitting them directly to the President. Parents or guardians may review their child’s file under the supervision of the Executive Director or the President. A bi-annual written evaluation and/or conference is provided for parents or guardians at the end of the school year. No information, including performance information, health, or personal information shall be released to anyone without written permission of the parent(s) or guardian(s) involved. Transcripts and/or information regarding a child’s performance and progression will be provided by the parent(s) or guardian(s) stating to whom the information is to be released.
  19. Maryland child abuse law requires that anyone who suspects a child is being mistreated report the matter to Protective Services or the police. Colonial Nursery School maintains a 100% reporting policy. In cases of child neglect, anyone may report the suspected neglect, but professionals are required to do so. Any Teacher or other professional employee of the School that believes or has reason to believe, that a child has been neglected or abused is required to file a report in the form and manner provided for in Article 37, 35A of the Annotated Code of Maryland, which is located in the President’s files and available for review upon request. Any suspected child abuse or neglect reported to the Executive Director, teachers or Executive Board members of Colonial Nursery School will be immediately referred to the appropriate authorities. A person who makes a good faith report of suspected child abuse/neglect will be free from any form of harassment of administrative penalty resulting from the report.
  20. Fire drill procedures will be explained to parents and children at the beginning of the school year.
  21. The first response to inappropriate behavior will be for the teacher to redirect the child to another activity. If the attempt to redirect is ineffective, or if the child’s behavior puts his/her or another child’s safety at risk, s/he will be removed from the situation. In the event of a serious on-going problem in the classroom, a confidential meeting between the Executive Director, teacher and parent will be held. Problem behavior will be discussed. If the situation warrants, the Executive Director, with the approval of the Executive Board President and Room Parent of the class, will present a time frame to the parent for problem behaviors to be resolved acceptably. At the end of the designated time frame, continuation of membership will be considered in accordance with Article III, Section 4 of the Bylaws.


It is essential that cooperating parents use the following guidelines to ensure a safe environment for our children. Please arrive at school promptly 15 minutes before school begins.

  1. You are responsible for participating on your scheduled co-op day. If you cannot participate on your scheduled day, you should find a substitute and notify the classroom parent and teacher of changes in the co-op schedule. If you are unable to find a substitute, please notify the classroom parent as soon as possible
  2. Please follow instructions for opening and closing duties on the checklist provided to you by the teacher.
  3. As a co-op parent your role in the classroom is to function as the teacher’s Assistant. Please follow the teacher’s instructions regarding his/her needs for the day. Please make the teacher aware of any behavioral or social problems a child may be having or creating. Please refrain from using home discipline at school with your own or other children. Any form of corporal punishment is unacceptable at any time on school grounds. Please discuss any differences you might have with the teacher away from the children.
  4. Please inform the teacher immediately of any accidents and/or injuries, and complete Accident Report Form. Insect bites, ticks, lice, etc. are included under the category of accidents and/or injuries.
  5. Change soiled diapers and/or assist the teacher during the children’s bathroom breaks. Please adhere to the posted diaper change routine and hand washing guidelines. All diaper changes must be noted in the diaper changing log.
  6. You, as a co-oping parent, are responsible for knowing the location of both fire extinguishers and all fire exits. In the event of a fire the teacher is responsible for taking the parent information notebook and proceeding immediately with the children to the exit nearest the school entrance. The parent should count children and report to the teacher. The Executive Director will make a final check of all rooms and be the last to leave. NO EFFORT SHOULD BE MADE TO SAVE ANYTHING FROM THE BUILDING.
  7. Classroom Room Parents will discuss snack rotation with all incoming families at orientation and a schedule will be provided
  8. During outdoor activities, please position yourselves around the playground to afford optimum supervision, and to teach children appropriate play and enforce playground expectations policy
  9. Cooperating parents are responsible for supervising any remaining children awaiting tardy parents at the end of a session. No child is to be allowed to leave with someone other than his/her parent unless a member of that child’s family has previously notified the teacher.
  10. Before leaving, please double-check checklist to ensure you have fulfilled all requirements.
  11. Please make babysitting arrangements ahead of time for any older or younger siblings. This allows you to give your full attention to your child and his/her classmates.
  12. In the event of a serious illness, birth or adoption of another child, the family is exempt from their cooperating duties for 2 months following the birth or adoption of the new child. Expectant mothers nearing the end of their pregnancies or any parent having health problems which preclude them from keeping up with their cooperating duties should contact their Classroom Parent for assistance in amending the cooperating schedule.


Annapolis, Maryland


The official name of this organization shall be The Colonial Nursery School, Incorporated and may, from here forward, be referred to as CNS.


The purposes of this School are:

  1. To maintain a non-profit cooperative nursery school in which the parents take full responsibility for the administration of the school and the teacher takes primary responsibility for the educational program of the children. The school will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, or sexual orientation regarding the admission of students and parents, and the employment of teachers and administrative staff.
  2. To further the education of its members in the principles of child guidance, through their observation of children, participation in the daily program as assistants to a trained instructor, and attendance at educational meetings.
  3. 3To provide parents with a broader understanding of family relationships, teaching techniques, creative materials, equipment, and experience which may be utilized as advantageously at home as in school.

Section 1. Application for Membership
Application for membership in The Colonial Nursery School shall be made available to any parent or legal guardian of any child who is two years of age by September 1 of the calendar year for which s/he is applying. Special circumstances will be considered by the Executive Director and the Board President.

Section 2. Application Procedures

  1. Completed application forms, or any inquiries relative to applications for membership, shall be referred to the Membership Chairperson.
  2. The Membership Committee shall act on all applications for membership in accordance with the enrollment policies established by the Executive Board of the School, and shall make its recommendation on any application to the Executive Board at the meeting of the Board following receipt of the application.

Section 3. Withdrawal of Membership
Written notice of withdrawal from membership by any member shall be given to the Membership Chairperson or Executive Director two weeks in advance of withdrawal, together with any reason(s) for withdrawal. The provisions of Article IV, Section 4 and 5, of these By-Laws, shall govern refunds or adjustments of tuition in the event of termination of membership or other action pursuant to the provisions of this section.

Section 4. Termination of Membership
Upon demonstration of good cause, or upon the recommendation of the Executive Board, Executive Director, any membership in the School may be terminated, or any member placed on probationary status due to unsatisfactory adjustment of the child or of the participating member, or if it is otherwise deemed in the best interest of the School or the individuals concerned. Such action shall be considered at a regular or special Executive Board Meeting, the purpose of which shall be announced one week in advance thereof.


Section 1. Tuition
Tuition shall be determined by the Executive Board and fixed prior to December 31st of the preceding school year. Tuition is a yearly tuition, paid either annually or monthly. Members shall pay tuition to the Treasurer according to the Tuition Schedule. Monthly tuition payments are due on the first day of the month for the applicable school year.

The last month’s tuition is non-refundable and due at the time of acceptance to secure a child’s slot in the school.

Section 2. Prorated Tuition
The Executive Board/Treasurer may prorate tuition for members who enroll their child after the first day of school.

Section 3. Fees and Assessments
The Executive Board, Executive Director, subject to approval of the General Membership, shall set additional fees and assessments.

Section 4. Default in Payment
It is the responsibility of each CNS member to make designated payments on-time. CNS members have a five (5) business day grace period for payments. During this time the member may make alternative payment plans through the Executive Director and Treasurer. After the completion of the grace period, the school will follow a NO MONEY/NO SHOW policy meaning that parents are not permitted to bring their child(ren) to school for the designated activity in which they are in default of payment after the 5-business day time period has expired. Payment is to be made in full with no proration for the time when the payment was in default. After 20-business days the spot is forfeit. If payment is received, within the forfeiture timeframe the children) are welcome to return. After the 20-business days the executive board and executive director must approve the reinstatement of the child(ren).

Section 5. Refund of Tuition
Families who withdraw their child/children may receive a prorated refund of their paid tuition (minus the nonrefundable fees & last month’s tuition).

Section 6. Non-Participation Fees
Upon demonstration of good cause, and where such action would not be detrimental to the cooperative nature of the School, the Executive Director and Executive Board may permit non-participation by a member upon payment of such additional tuition as may be determined and fixed by the Executive Board.

Section 7. Guidelines for Student Aid Fund
Scholarships shall be awarded on a non-discriminatory basis. Each request for a scholarship will be evaluated individually by a Student Aid Committee, which shall be composed of the Advisory Board (three members) The following circumstances shall be considered: insufficient income, parent’s loss of job, illness, and other extraordinary circumstances. The Student Aid Committee shall determine if the aid is to be in the form of a scholarship or a loan

Section 8. Presidential Scholarship
Persons who hold the position of President of Colonial Nursery School shall receive a partial scholarship (non-inclusive of registration fee or service fee) equal to one-half (½) of the average tuition of the offered classes for one child for the full year of his/her term.

Section 9. Bookkeeper Partial Scholarship
Persons who hold the job of Bookkeeper of the Colonial Nursery School. shall receive a partial scholarship (non-inclusive of registration fee or service fee) equal to one-third (⅓) of the average tuition of the offered classes for one child for the full year of his/her term.

Section 10. Treasurer Partial Scholarship
Persons who hold the office of Treasurer of the Colonial Nursery School.shall receive a partial scholarship (non-inclusive of registration fee or service fee) equal to one-third (⅓) of the average tuition of the offered classes for one child for the full year of his/her term.

Section 11. Membership Partial Scholarship
Persons who hold the office of Membership Chairperson of the Colonial Nursery School shall receive a partial scholarship (non-inclusive of registration fee or service fee) equal to one-third (⅓) of the average tuition of the offered classes for one child for the full year of his/her term.

Section 12. Teacher Partial Scholarship
Persons who hold the position of teacher of the Colonial Nursery School shall receive a partial scholarship (non-inclusive of registration fee) equal to one-half (½) of the tuition for one child for the full year of his/her term.

Section 13. Outreach Chair Partial Scholarship
Persons who hold the outreach chair. shall receive a partial scholarship (non-inclusive of registration fee or service fee) equal to one-third (⅓) of the average tuition of the offered classes for one child for the full year of his/her term.

Section 14. Forfeiting a Scholarship
When a scholarship recipient resigns his/her position before the tenure of the position expires, s/he will forfeit his/her scholarship upon resignation.


Section 1. Composition
The Board of Directors of the School shall be composed of the current President, Secretary, and Treasurer who shall serve during the terms of their offices; the five (5) members of the Advisory Board, as explained in Section 1 of Article XI of these By-Laws, who shall serve during their terms of their offices; and three additional persons to be appointed by the President of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Officers
The Board of Directors of the School shall elect its own officers, consisting of a separate President and Secretary-Treasurer, at an annual meeting to be held as nearly as practical after the Annual General Membership meeting of the school. The President shall have served in some capacity at Colonial Nursery School for at least two years prior to his/her election.

Section 3. Meetings
The Board of Directors shall meet at least once in each year. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request by five (5) Board members.

Section 4. Responsibilities and Duties
The Board of Directors of the School shall be responsible for the business management of the School, shall authorize and approve all capital expenditures of the School, shall review the financial condition of the School annually, shall be responsible for the proper filing of all reports required on behalf of the Corporation, shall authorize the officers of the Board of Directors to execute any and all contracts or other legal documents on behalf of the School, and shall execute all other powers and duties as are customarily exercised by Boards of Directors of non-stock corporations and not inconsistent with the Articles of Corporation of the School or the laws of the state of Maryland.


Section 1. Composition
The Executive Board of the School shall be composed of the President, Executive Director, Room Parents, Secretary, Outreach Coordinator, Treasurer, and Membership Chairperson. The Executive Director and President are non-voting members of the Executive Board, though the President may cast a vote in the event of a tie vote. The terms of office on the Board shall be one year, and no person shall serve more than two consecutive years in the same office.

Section 2. Responsibilities and Duties

  1. General. In conjunction with the Executive Director, the responsibility for managing the administrative affairs of the School belongs to the Executive Board. The Board shall be the overall policy-making body of the School and shall transact business and make decisions consistent with these By-Laws and any Standing Rules, which it may adopt pursuant to these By-Laws.
  2. Teaching Personnel and Executive Director. Upon recommendation of the Teacher Selection Committee, the Board shall approve the hiring of teaching personnel and Executive Director and the terms of Teacher contracts.
  3. Meetings. Board meetings shall be held during the school year. Minutes of action shall be recorded and communicated to the general membership prior to the next General Membership meeting. Special meetings may be called by the President upon request of three Board members.
  4. Each officer shall maintain a file pertaining to his or her respective office.
  5. Board Elections shall take place at the General Membership Meeting in April. Transition of the Board will take place on May 1st with outgoing and incoming board working together until incoming board attains voting rights on June 1st.

Section 1. President

  1. Shall coordinate the activities of the School, preside over all meetings of the general membership and of the Executive Board, prepare agendas for such meetings, act as the official representative of the School, and perform all other usual functions of the office.
  2. Shall appoint chairmen of any special committees that may be required from time to time, except as hereinafter provided.
  3. Shall nominate representatives to fill vacancies on the Executive and Advisory Boards, upon approval of a majority of the Executive Board and presentation to the general membership for election.
  4. Shall be responsible for arranging any joint meetings of the Executive and Advisory Boards.
  5. Shall, with the Executive Director, keep a current locked file of all legal papers for the school. Shall be responsible for seeing that annual reports are filled out and filed. These files should include: lease, teacher’s contracts, student files, insurance policies, current copy of the By-Laws, Standing Rules, position descriptions, Articles of Incorporation, annual report for the State Board of Elections, census records, reports to the IRS on racial composition of classes, and others which may be necessary for the efficient operation of the School.
  6. Shall assist Membership Chairperson in planning all Open House events. Attendance at all Open Houses is mandatory, except in the event of extenuating circumstances and with approval by the Executive Board.

Section 2.Class Room Parent(s) (There shall be one Room Parent for each class).

  1. Shall be responsible for scheduling and maintaining the monthly cooperative work schedule for class parents.
  2. Shall serve as liaison between the parents and the Executive Board and Executive Director, and shall channel pertinent issues to the appropriate parties in a timely and constructive manner.
  3. Shall serve as liaison between the class parents and the class teacher in matters where such intervention is productive and necessary; shall facilitate discussion, rapport, and positive atmosphere in matters of concern to both parents and Teacher.
  4. Shall maintain and represent the cooperative standards of Colonial Nursery School, its operating procedures, and Bylaws; shall uphold and emphasize to the members of the class the value, necessity, and importance of the standards to the smooth and continuing operation of Colonial Nursery School.
  5. Shall be responsible for coordinating and purchasing holiday and end-of-the-year gifts for the Teacher.
  6. Shall assist Publicity/Parent Education member and/or Teacher in organizing and scheduling field trips.
  7. Shall assist Teacher in coordinating class parties and special events.
  8. Shall assist Teacher in getting parent volunteers/classroom donations when necessary.
  9. Shall assist Membership Chairperson in planning all Open House events.

Section 4. Secretary

  1. Shall record and disseminate to the General Membership the minutes of the meetings of the General Membership and the Executive Board, and of any joint meetings of the Executive Board and the Advisory Boards.
  2. Shall have possession of the By-Laws of the School, the Standing Rules, and the position descriptions of standing and special committees, and shall see that accurate copies of the same and minutes are accessible at all meetings and when needed by other officers.
  3. Shall maintain file copies of all pertinent memos, flyers, schedules, agendas, ballots, and newsletters, etc.
  4. Shall maintain a permanent, chronologically correct record of the By-Laws, Standing Rules, and position descriptions, to include changes and the date(s) changes were made; as well as the minutes of all meetings..
  5. Shall conduct all delegated correspondence of the School.
  6. Maintain current full list of board members with full name, address, phone, email and position for tax standards
  7. Shall assist Membership Chairperson in planning all Open House events.

Section 5. Membership Chairperson

  1. Shall serve as first point of contact for new and prospective members, including monitoring and responding to school voicemails and emails and conducting and coordinating tours for prospective members.
  2. Shall be responsible for all application procedures. Process applications for new and returning members; mail letters of acceptance.
  3. Shall create, maintain, and monitor membership records for a period of at least three years; and maintain and distribute accurate class rosters.
  4. Shall, in conjunction with all members of the Executive Board and the Executive Director, organize and attend the open house events.
  5. Shall distribute applications to all returning members by the 15th of January
  6. Provide advanced notice to teachers and cooperating parents of prospective visitors..
  7. Shall disseminate Parent Handbooks conduct tours for and provide information to prospective new members.
  8. Shall maintain and manage the school’s waiting lists.
  9. Shall distribute written notice of withdrawals and new enrollments to the Executive Director, Teacher, Room Parent of affected class, President of the Board, and Treasurer.
  10. Shall create and disseminate Welcome Packets for new and returning members with the assistance of the President and Executive Board
  11. Shall, in the absence or inability of the President, preside over and perform all duties and functions pertaining to the Office of the President

Section 6. Treasurer

  1. Shall assist the Bookkeeper in attending to all financial matters of the School.
  2. Shall assist the Bookkeeper and President in preparing annual budget for submission for approval at the second General Membership meeting of the school year
  3. Shall receive and issue receipts for monies due and payable to the School, and deposit same in the name of the School in the depository designated by the Executive Board.
  4. Shall prepare invoices for and receive tuition and any additional periodic monies due and payable to the School, and deposit same in the name of the School in the depository designated by the Executive Board.
  5. Shall assist in collecting all fundraising monies and deposit same in the name of the School in the depository designated by the Executive Board
  6. Shall assist the Bookkeeper by preparing the income portion of the financial report to be submitted at each membership meeting, if requested by the Bookkeeper.
  7. Shall assist Membership Chairperson in planning all Open House events..

Section 7. Outreach Coordinator

  1. Shall cultivate and maintain connections within the local community in order to highlight CNS.
  2. Shall volunteer services to child friendly events such as Wee-Sale, Eastport a Rockin’.
  3. Shall schedule and create play dates throughout the school year and oversee summer playdates.
  4. Shall coordinate and work with membership chair when needed.
  5. Shall be available during the summer.

Section 8. Bookkeeper

  1. Shall be in charge of and responsible for all school finances.
  2. Shall disburse School monies in payment of any obligations of the School in accordance with the current annual budget and/or Executive Board approval.
  3. Shall, in consultation with the President and the Treasurer, prepare the annual budget for submission for approval at the second General Membership meeting of the school year.
  4. Shall submit a written financial report at each General Membership meeting.
  5. Shall submit the School’s financial records for audit at the end of each term to either a professional accountant, if financially possible, or someone outside the current membership with accounting experience, for completion by September 1st.
  6. Shall prepare all income tax documentation for the tax specialist and ensures that the income tax return gets filed, quarterly statements of withholding, social security, unemployment compensation, and any other financial statements or reports required by any Federal, State, or local governmental agency.
  7. Prepare and execute payroll for all employees and contractors, including payment of all applicable taxes to the state and federal government.

The Executive Director is a position requiring the employee to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. S/he is accountable to the Executive Board through its President, and is responsible for attending the initial Orientation meeting, all General Membership and Executive Board meetings and Open Houses. The Executive Director’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Open the school at 8:30am and close the school at 1:30pm. .
  2. Act as the 1st line substitute for all teachers.
  3. Manage Teachers
    1. Develop and implement overall school-wide educational goals
    2. Oversee and assist in lesson planning
    3. Oversee, along with the President, two formal teacher evaluations to occur in the fall and early spring. Evaluations will be presented at the next subsequent board meetings
    4. Oversee teachers’ schedules and school substitute teacher list; acts as substitute when necessary; approve leave.
    5. Present Executive Board communications to teachers.
    6. Schedule and oversees regular staff meetings.
    7. Present for incident-driven parent-teacher conferences and will report repeated incidents to the board.
    8. Ensure teacher accreditation for CPR.
  4. Shall with the President keep a current and locked file of all legal papers for the school. Shall be responsible for seeing that the annual reports are filled out and filed. These files should include lease, employee contracts, student files,insurance policies, copies of By-Laws, Standing Rules, position descriptions, Articles of Incorporations, annual report for the State Board of Elections, census report, reports to the IRS on racial composition of classes and others which may be necessary for the efficient operation of CNS.
  5. Shall maintain and uphold the standards required for licensure from the State Health Department, and serve as liaison between CNS and the Licensing Board (DHR).
  6. Shall document any safety related concerns or issue.
  7. Shall monitor and ensure that high standards of health, hygiene and safety are maintained throughout the school to include electrical, chemical, structural, fire and physical safety, personal hygiene, emergency procedures, first aid kit completeness and accessibility, etc.
  8. Shall create, maintain, and monitor health records for all enrolled students, and notify members and Teachers of food allergies and/or other medical conditions which might impact upon conduct of the daily routine.
  9. Shall manage and document all official school visitors.
    1. Manage all visitors to school including, but not limited to, safety inspections, MDSE, fire marshal, Child Care Connection,
    2. Assist Membership Chairperson with school tours.
    3. Schedule school visits on administrative days whenever possible.
  10. Shall manage school communications.
    1. Work closely with the Executive Board and give input on communication dissemination included but not limited to weekly email blasts, school flyers etc.
    2. Oversees website management
  11. Shall manage school facilities.
    1. Maintain the content and organization of the school’s office.
    2. Ensure that snow and ice removal are completed during winter season.
    3. Organize all school documentation and information for day-to-day operations of school.
    4. Serve on Eastport United Methodist Church’s (CNS’s landlord) Board of Trustees for facility related issues.
  12. Shall complete approved continued training, at the rate of at least 12 clock hours per full year of employment as a Director, that consists of a:
    1. Minimum of six (6) clock hours of core of knowledge training; and
    2. Maximum of six (6) clock hours of elective training; and
    3. Document completion of the continued training on the professional development plan and present to the Executive Board.

The Teacher(s) shall report to the Executive Director and shall represent the school professionally in the community. S/he shall adhere to the policies and criteria outlined in the Teacher Handbook. S/he shall have the responsibility for all matters concerning the educational program of the children, shall plan the daily program of the School utilizing parents’ individual talents. The Teacher shall be available to consult with and offer her/his professional advice to all functioning officers, committees, and members of the School regarding any phase of the School’s activities, and shall confer with parents regarding the progress of the children during the course of the school year. The teacher shall attend orientation and open houses. At the invitation of the Executive Director and/or the President, the Teacher shall attend meetings of the Executive Board, and shall serve on such committees to which s/he may be appointed or on which s/he is specified to serve by these By-Laws.


Section 1. General Membership Meetings. A minimum of four (4) General Membership meetings shall be held during the school year, their dates set at the discretion of the President and Executive Board. The President may call special meetings of the general membership.

Section 2. Annual Meeting and Election. The final General Membership meeting shall be held in May, at which time the officers of the School will be elected and any vacancies on the Advisory Board submitted.

Section 3. Nominating Committee.
Nominating Committee. A nominating committee consisting of the President and at least one member from each class shall be appointed by the Executive Board to prepare a slate of nominations for the offices of the School and for any vacancies on the Advisory Board. This slate shall be presented at the May General Membership meeting. Other nominations for vacant positions can be made at the Annual General Membership meeting in May provided that no nomination is accepted unless the consent of the person being nominated has been obtained.


Section 1. Composition
The Advisory Board of the School shall consist of five (5) associate members, each of whom shall be elected for a term of three years. Members of the Advisory Board may include, but is not limited to, former Presidents, executive board members, and members.

Section 2. Responsibilities and Duties

  1. To afford the School the benefit of their combined knowledge in the form of suggestions and advice.
  2. To provide continuity of thought, purpose, and action for the School.
  3. To investigate and review such problems as personnel, premises, program, and any other aspects relating to the operations of the School, and to report their findings and make recommendations to the Executive Director and Executive Board.
  4. To assist in the furtherance of favorable public relations between the School and the community.
  5. To sit on the Student Aid Committee as set forth in Article IV, Section 6.

Section 3. Meetings
The Advisory Board shall hold at least two meetings during the year, namely; (1) with the Executive Board shortly after the Annual General Membership meeting (April), at which time the Board shall elect a Chairman and a Secretary from among its members; and (2) with the Executive Board in September prior to the opening of the school year. The Board shall be invited to attend the Annual General Membership meeting of the School and such other meetings as may be desired.


Section 1. Membership and Participation Committee

  1. Composition. Shall be composed of the Room Parent as Chairman, Membership Chairperson, President (ex-officio), Teachers (ex-officio), and one other member who is not a member of the Executive Board.
  2. Duties. To maintain full enrollment in the School; to execute the enrollment policies of the School as determined by the Executive Board; to issue current membership lists; to assign participation days for members; and to investigate all matters with respect to the proper adjustment of any child or of any participating members in their participation duties, or in their relationships with each other or with the Teacher, and to make such recommendations as it may deem appropriate to the Executive Board or general membership.

Section 2. Budget Committee

  1. Composition: President, Executive Director, Bookkeeper and Treasurer
  2. Duties: To monitor all school income and expenditures to ensure compliance with the Annual Budget; ensure all debts to outside agencies and individuals are paid in full and the school is in good financial standing; committee should also work to target potential budget savings and/or alternative spending options to maximize the effects of funds spent without amending the overall budget; create draft of the upcoming fiscal year’s Annual Budget to be presented to the Board in March.

Section 3. Reconciliation Committee

  1. Purpose. The purpose of the Reconciliation Committee will be to continue the harmony, good health, and growth of the school. The personal help and understanding which is offered an individual with problems should be within the spirit of the School’s philosophy, i.e., positive self-image, identification and respect of one’s feelings, and positive growth. A grievance is a crucial problem causing suffering and distress or a threat to one’s position as a Teacher, board member, or member in the School.
  2. Composition. Shall be composed of four members: a Room Parent, one member of the Advisory Board, one member of the general membership, and one Teacher not involved in the grievance. If it is not possible for a Teacher to be on the committee, the fourth member will be a member of the Advisory Board.
  3. Duties. The Reconciliation Committee will consider grievances involving a Teacher, a board member, or a general member. It will convene, consider all information, meet with the parties involved, and recommend a decision to the Executive Board. The decision of the Reconciliation Committee will be final.

Section 1. Parliamentary Authority
Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority for all members or procedures not specifically covered by the By-Laws.

Section 2. Voting
Unless otherwise specified by these By-Laws, a majority of the members present and voting on any given matter shall govern. Each family with one or more children enrolled in the school shall be entitled to one vote on any matter voted upon. Either parent or any legal guardian present may cast this vote. Proxy votes will not be recognized at any meeting for any purpose.

Section 3. Quorum
A majority of members entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum at any general membership meeting or any meeting of the Executive Board.

Section 4. Standing Rules
The Executive Board shall have the authority to adopt such standing rules, as it may deem appropriate, pursuant to these By-Laws and not inconsistent therewith, from time to time. Such rules shall remain in effect and be binding on the general membership until amended or revoked by the Executive Board or by a vote of two-thirds of the general membership, provided the amendment is submitted in writing at a general membership meeting one month in advance of voting thereon.

Section 5. Amendments
These laws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the general membership, provided the amendment is submitted one week prior to putting it to a vote at a general membership meeting.

Section 6. Dissolution of the School
Dissolution of the School. In the event of the dissolution or other termination of The Colonial Nursery School, Inc., none of its assets shall go to the benefit of any member or other individual at that time, but shall be donated or contributed to such similar non-profit educational or elementary institution as the Executive Board, Executive Director, the Advisory Board, and the Board of Directors may designate.

Section 7. Indemnification
Officers of the Corporation shall be entitled to indemnification to the fullest extent permitted by and in accordance with the terms, conditions, and procedures of Section 2-418 of the Corporations and Associations Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, as amended from time to time. With respect to an employee or agent, other than an officer, of the Corporation, the Corporation may, as determined by the stockholders of the Corporation, indemnify and advance expenses to such employee or agent in connection with a proceeding to the extent permitted by and in accordance with the term, conditions, and procedure of Section 2-418 of the Corporations and Associations Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, as amended from time to time.