What are my parent responsibilities?

Parents are required to co-op at the school assisting the teacher, to attend membership meetings, and to help with fundraising. Parents of 3 and 4-year old students are required to hold a job within the school.

What will I do when I work at the school?

You will be scheduled to co-op approximately 2-4 times a month depending on the number of days your class meets. Helper parents must arrive 15 minutes early to help the teacher prepare for the day. During the day your co-oping duties will include various activities such as putting toys outside for recess, helping the children wash their hands, or administering snack. Your primary responsibility is to HAVE FUN WITH THE CHILDREN! There is plenty of time to help them, play with them and learn with them. Involvement on this level is what co-oping is all about.

What kind of job will I have?

Colonial Nursery School recognizes each family has different needs and capabilities and we want to make sure that your job fits your talents and interests. Some jobs, such as Executive Board positions, are extremely involved while others, such as school historian, housekeeping, or gardener are not quite so taxing.

What are the general membership meetings about?

The general membership meets three to four times per year (September – May) at the school. The meetings cover important issues taking place at Colonial, including fundraising, school policies, co-op responsibilities, and decisions which sometimes require a vote by the membership.


Job List

BIRTHDAY COORDINATOR – One Position Available

  • Responsible for maintaining a birthday list for all CNS children and teachers
  • Announcement and celebration details to be coordinated with point of contact
  • Supplies to be provided by CNS
  • Point of Contact – Erin


BULLETIN BOARD – One Position Available

  • Responsible for designing, creating and maintaining the bulletin board in the general purpose room
  • Parent shall change the bulletin board once a month to reflect the changing seasons, holidays and coop events
  • Point of Contact – Toni


CNS TOUR GUIDE – Minimum of Two Positions Available

  • Responsible for giving tours to prospective members and following up with them via email, phone call, etc.
  • CNS materials, information and support provided by point of contact
  • Point of Contact – Megan


COMMUNITY PUBLICITY – One Position Available

  • Responsible for sending out press releases once a month to the local papers, Patch, local mom’s groups, Facebook, neighborhood bulletins, etc., about events happening at the co-op
  • The goal is to have these papers, bloggers, moms’ groups, etc. to run an occasional story about the coop to get our name out in the community
  • Point of Contact – Betsy


COURTYARD SUPERVISOR – One Position Available

  • Responsible for the upkeep of the courtyard (sweeping, trash removal, general upkeep).
  • Planting and caring of courtyard planters
  • Point of Contact- Laura

DECORATOR – Minimum of Two Positions Available

  • Responsible for decorating the alcove and hallway with pictures and seasonal decorations or children’s artwork to create a positive, homey atmosphere in the coop
  • Materials to be provided by CNS
  • Decorations should change every season
  • Point of Contact – Toni


DISHWASHER – Minimum of Two Positions Available (MW and TTH)

  • In an effort to promote recycling and cut back on waste in our CNS community, kids will now be eating with reusable plates during snack time. Dishwashers would be responsible for ensuring these snack dishes receive a sanitizing wash in addition to the daily wash they receive from room parents
  • Point of Contact – Toni


EVENT SUPPORT – Minimum of Two Positions Available

  • Set up and Break down of chairs and tables for special events: Cookies and Cocoa, Graduation, Spring Fling, Parent Education Events
  • Point of Contact- Laura


FLYER DISTRIBUTOR – Minimum of Three Positions Available

  • Responsible for distributing flyers about the coop onto various community message boards around town (library, grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, child care at mall, church bulletin boards etc.)
  • Parents will be assigned an area with a list of priority places to post new and replace old flyers on a bi-monthly basis
  • Flyers to be provided by POC
  • Point of Contact – Betsy


GRAPHIC DESIGNER – One Position Available

  • Responsible for making flyers for events, quick signs as needed, creative input and logo placement on CNS materials for print or merchandise, etc.
  • Point of Contact – Betsy


GRANT WRITER –Two Positions Available

  • Responsible for researching and writing grant proposals that the coop might qualify for
  • Guidance and support provided by point of contact
  • Previous experience preferred
  • Point of Contact – Laura


HEALTH & SAFETY PERSON – One Position Available

  • Responsible for assisting with the collection of school forms at the General Membership meeting
  • Must be available to help at the General Membership meeting in August and the week before school
  • Confidentiality a must
  • Help with Vision and Hearing Screening
  • Responsible for the maintaining and restocking of first aid kits in the office and classrooms.
  • Responsible creating and ensuring each teacher has a travel first aid kit for field trips.
  • Point of Contact -Laura and Megan


LIBRARIAN – Minimum of Two Positions Available

  • Responsible for organizing and maintaining the coop’s library of books:
  • Sorting through the library and recycling ripped/torn/old books
  • Filing new and donated books
  • Creating a list of books that should be added
  • Managing check out system for books
  • Checking out books from the public library on a monthly basis that will support the school’s monthly curriculum theme.
  • Point of Contact – Erin


MAINTENANCE / HOUSEKEEPING – Minimum of Two Positions Available (MW and TTH)

  • Responsible for helping with small tasks and repairs around the co-op as needed: replacing lights, hanging pictures, fixing broken toys, etc.
  • Dispose of office trash and recyclables on a weekly basis
  • Haul large objects when necessary – donated bookshelf, etc.
  • Should be able to lift at least 30 lbs., and have access to a vehicle that could move large objects
  • Responsible for weekly machine washing of all mop pads
  • Point of Contact – Toni


PHOTOGRAPHERS – Minimum of Seven Positions Available

  1. School Photographer – Minimum of Two Positions Available
  • Responsible for capturing general images of the CNS community on regular school days and at special events
  • In charge of uploading these images – along with brief descriptions and dates of events captured – to online CNS Photo Library on a regular basis
  • Updates CNS images on our website, facebook page, etc., selecting from CNS’ library of photos
  • Point of Contact – Sharon – To create CNS Online Photo library Account (ex. Snapfish) to store all pictures with folders for each class. Reminds room photographer to upload images for class


  1. Class Photographers/Yearbook Compilers – One Position Available Per Class – Five Total
  • Take pictures of children interacting with one another and participating in learning activities in their specific classroom environments
  • In charge of uploading these images – along with brief descriptions and dates of events captured – to online CNS Photo Library on a regular basis
  • Create a photobook to hand out to each child at the end of the year using images in the CNS Photo Library
  • Work with the Point of Contact on the content and creative of the Class Yearbook – Each class will have their own book
  • Point of Contact – Sharon


PLAYDOUGH MAKER – One Position Available Per Class – Five Total

  • Responsible for making a batch of playdough once a month to keep the classrooms supplied. Recipe and instructions provided by Point of Contact
  • Point of Contact – Vanessa


PLAYGROUND SUPERVISOR – Two Positions Available

  • Maintaining playground materials inside the brown bin, ensuring they are supplied throughout the year (books, bubbles, costumes, etc.)
  • Checking to see if the equipment is broken or in need of repair
  • Garden, mulch and sand – health and maintenance
  • Planting and caring for flowers, vegetables, etc.
  • Making sure mulch and sand are clean, safe and tilled
  • Overall upkeep of the playground
  • Point of Contact – Lynann


PURCHASER / SUPPLIES – One Position Available

  • Responsible for keeping track of supplies the co-op needs (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.) and making sure we are fully stocked
  • Notify Director when supplies are low
  • Point of Contact – Lynann


RESALE SPECIALIST – Two Positions Available

  • Selling CNS items, toys, materials, artwork, etc. that is no longer needed or able to be housed by CNS
  • Point of Contact – Sharon


SCHOLASTIC – One Position Available

  • Responsible for distributing Scholastic book order forms, managing several orders of books throughout the year and distributing the books upon arrival
  • Point of Contact – Lynann


SNOW REMOVAL HELPER – One Position Available

  • Assists the Director and President in the removal of snow and ice on the sidewalks and steps when school is in session.
  • Must be available to arrive at school by 8:30 am
  • Point of Contact – Lynann


SOCIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE – Three Positions Available

  • Responsible for the organization of CNS Social Events throughout the school year:
  • Communicating social event details and needs to CNS Parents
  • Posting sign-up sheets when applicable
  • Booking and securing event locations
  • Coordinating all event materials needed – utensils, etc.
  • Point of Contact – Megan


TEACHER HELPER – Three Positions Available (One Per Year – 2’s, 3’s & 4’s)

  • Responsible for assisting the teacher with simple tasks such as: cutting out shapes for art projects, making copies etc.
  • Point of Contact – Laura


WEBSITE – One Position Available

  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the co-op website
  • Web skills preferred
  • Point of Contact – Megan



  • President Elect or Outreach Coordinator Elect – Anyone interested in serving on the 2016-17 Board in one of these positions and will be responsible for shadowing current president and Outreach Coordinator.
  • Special Talent, Skill or Experience that could be useful to the coop; Including but not limited to: Community Outreach, Event Support, Carpentry, Repairman, Marketing, Sales, Magician, Comedian, Musician, Thespian, Child Care Provider, Juggler, Mime, Gymnast, Cook, Baker,
  • Baker Open House, Yard Sale, Toy Maker, etc.
  • Point of Contact – Laura