Application Process

Applying to Colonial is simple and can even be done largely online if desired.

Take a Tour

For most people the application process will start with a tour of Colonial.  To schedule a tour, please feel free to call Colonial at 410-266-8064 or email [email protected].

Reserving a Space

There is not an admission process at Colonial. We fill our classes on a first come first serve basis once enrollment is open, which typically occurs in early to mid-February. Once you decide that Colonial is the right place for your family, there are only three things we need for you to do to hold a space in a class.

  1. A completed Application: ( 2017-2018 Application Form | 2018-2019 Application Form )
  2. A non-refundable registration fee of $75
  3. A non-refundable payment of the May tuition.
    • MWF 2’s class $280
    • TTh 2’s class $195
    • MWF 3’s Class $265
    • TTh 3’s Class $190
    • 4’s Class $370

Checks can be made out to “Colonial Nursery School.” Or you can pay your tuition via Paypal here.

These items can be dropped off in the office during school hours or mailed into the co-op at.

P.O. Box 3054
Annapolis, MD 21403

Completing Your Application

There are a number of forms that must be completed and turned into Colonial to have a completed application. Many of these forms are required by the state. Some are for the student and some are for the helping parent. Forms can be mailed in or submitted to the office at any point, but are due by August 15.

No child will be allowed to begin school until all Forms are submitted to Colonial.

The required forms are listed below and an identical list can also be found on our Forms Page.


Attention: Some forms do not open in a new window, so please check your "downloads" folder.


Required State Forms

  • Emergency Form (OCC1214): Please submit 3 copies every year
  • Health Inventory (OCC1215) : To be completed for the child; needs to be taken to pediatrician before attending school & must include vaccination record.
  • Medical Report for Childcare (OCC1204 revised 6/18) : To be completed by each co-oping adult.
  • Release of Information (OCC1260 revised 6/18) : To be completed by each co-oping adult. Must be notarized and dated. Must be submitted every 2 years.
  • Livescan Fingerprinting : To be completed for each co-oping adult; print form and take it with you to be fingerprinted. (Never expires)