Several times a year, Colonial offers the option for students to stay for an extended school day and to participate in an additional after school program. These programs typically run for an additional two hours after school, one day a week, for 4-8 week sessions. So, for instance, a typical class might take place on Wednesdays after school from early October through late November. Children must be potty trained to participate. There is an additional fee for these classes.

Children who choose to sign up will bring their lunch with them and enjoy lunch with their friends, some extra playground time and the chance to participate in a special program led by an expert in the community. And parents have the chance to run a few more errands or get a couple of other things done before it is time to pick their child up.

The following are a sample of some of the classes we have offered in the past:

Deliciously Nutritious

This class encourages children to expand their minds and palates, follow recipes, work as a team and have a fantastic time cooking. Each and every scheduled class incorporates math, English, reading, science and team building skills. The children use these skills as they work to prepare and share a delicious meal together. Recipes and nutritional information are sent home with the children so that they can share it with their parents and continue what they have learned in their homes.

Mad Science!

This hands-on after school program will spark your child’s interest in the vast world of Science. Each week we will perform COOL experiments that help your child begin to understand science concepts such as Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and more! Children will make slime, build towers out of marshmallows and learn about the world around them. Together we will investigate, observe, discuss, record, and HAVE FUN!

LEGO – Little Builders!

The co-owner of the Brick House, Annapolis’ Lego learning center, will bring her class of Lego themed fun to Colonial. Each class will play games, sing songs, work on crafts and create projects out of large blocks and materials. Classes are designed to facilitate holistic learning and to cement scientific and creative arts concepts that young ones may already be learning in their preschool classes. Our main goal is to enhance hand-eye coordination, develop fine motor skills, promote creative thinking, and encourage sharing.

Yoga for Kids

Through movement, story, active games, song, and art projects, kiddos will:

  • learn yoga poses and movements that increase strength, balance, coordination, and self-expression
  • gain awareness of breath techniques, and share the rich and wise history of yoga philosophy, including lessons such as nonviolence, self-inquiry, using our energies well, determination, and self-calming

With a background as a Youth & Family Therapist as well as a Yoga Teacher, Jessie is a Yoga Therapist, passionate about empowering students to increase awareness of body, energy, breath, thoughts and emotions. Kids will get some exercise, create community, learn invaluable tools, and of course: have lots of fun!!!

Creative Colonial Kitchen

The Creative Colonial Kitchen will encourage and educate our young Terrapins Kids on the basic skills of cooking – while helping to build upon their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Peace Through Masterpieces

During these 7 Thursdays, children will be exposed to music, literature and art from great artists through the ages. They will experience and experiment with different types of art media to create their own masterpieces. Each 2 hour sessions will also include lunch, a related movement activity and likely end on the playground for some free time outside. Parents and siblings will be invited to attend a Gallery showing on the last session- more details on that will follow.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s spring and plants and flowers are starting to creep up from underneath the soil. We will be planting seeds and watching them grow and learning all about gardening. Through art, literature and just plain digging in the soil we will explore and learn all about the life cycle of a plant and grow our own plants to take home and care for.