Responsibilities of a Co-op Family

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Colonial Nursery School is made up of dedicated families who want to be actively involved in their child’s education and are willing to commit their time and resources to make their child’s first school experience a wonderful one. Below is an explanation of the responsibilities of a co-op family.

Teacher’s Assistant

The number of times a family will co-op is dependent on the number of days a week the class meets and the number of families in the class. Families should expect to co-op 1-3 times a month.

Responsibilities of the co-oping adult include:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class begins to help set up the classroom and welcome the students into the room
  • Interact with children, clean up after activities, and help the teacher as requested
  • Provide a healthy snack for the class
  • Clean the classroom and bathroom using the cleaning checklist to prepare for the next day

School Jobs

All families of children in the three and four year old classes are required to hold a school job to support the co-op. Possible jobs include school maintenance, housekeeping, and playground supervisor. Families of children in the two year old classes are encouraged but not required to take jobs within the school. Those interested in school leadership may be elected to the school board, which satisfy both school job and service hour requirements.

Service Hours

Each family is required to contribute 10 hours of service (15 hours for families with more than one enrolled child) in addition to their school job. There are multiple opportunities for service throughout the year, including serving on a school committee, special school projects, and participating during the annual clean-up day. A $100 service deposit is assessed as part of each student’s annual tuition. The service deposit is refunded at the end of the year after completion of the required hours of service, including attendance of at least three of the four General Membership Meetings.

General Membership Meetings

There are four general membership meetings each year. These are meetings for parents to come together to discuss the business of the school. Possible topics include budget, board elections, news and upcoming events, and parent education. Families that attend all four General Membership Meetings receive one hour of service as well as an entry into a raffle to receive one month free tuition.

Health and Safety Forms

In order to attend school, all families must submit the required forms. There are forms for both children and co-oping adults. Families must allow ample time to complete these forms over the summer, as some require doctor visits, a notary, and fingerprinting for a criminal background check. The complete list of forms is updated and provided to the membership each summer and is available on the CNS website.

Revised 7/2019